La Fête de la Musique de Tremblant is an annual festival occurring during Labor Day weekend. Enjoy over 30 free concerts meticulously selected by the artistic director Angèle Dubeau. A unique musical getaway that combines a range of genres for all tastes and ages. A family oriented event not to be missed!

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In 1995, Angèle Dubeau had an idea: to create a large popular festival where all types of music would be celebrated in a natural setting. She thereafter presented her project to the Tremblant Resort Association with the goal of exploring the possibility of holding this festival on the mountain. The concept was polished up, programs were designed and a year later, the first edition of Music in the Mountain was presented. Angèle Dubeau has been serving as the event’s Artistic Director and François Mario Labbé, President of Analekta, Canada’s largest independant classical music production company, is General Manager. Over the years, Music in the Mountain has grown into the first classical music event of its kind to win such wide popular acclaim.

Mission and Objectives

Music in the Mountain is reflecting Angèle Dubeau’s determination to democratize classical music by making it more accessible to everyone. The festival has become extremely popular, bringing together music lovers from everywhere, whether they be specialists or newcomers. The event takes place every year early in September during Labor Day weekend. Music in the Mountain has something for everyone. Imaginative and colorful programs that bring together musicians from different horizons, for the sheer pleasure of music. The formula has been proven right many times: audiences are responding extraordinarily well to this exciting blend of styles and original concepts put together especially for Music in the Mountain. Since its early beginnings, the event has attracted more than 300 000 people, quickly becoming a major player in the Canadian cultural scene. Unlike the majority of similar organizations, Music in the Mountain is run privately with the sole support of its sponsors and faithful partners:

• To promote classical music and put together a wonderful popular event that will reach the greatest number of music lovers in a beautiful scenic setting;
• To provide our best musicians with an opportunity to perform and become better known. Music in the Mountain was proud to have created since its early beginnings a showcase to hear and appreciate the extraordinary talent of Canadian musicians. In order to present an appealing and varied repertoire, as well as top-level performances in a simple, natural setting, Music in the Mountain was featuring a highly diversified and original repertoire. Surely, the daring vision of its artistic director played a part in the enduring success the event has enjoyed over the last year:
• To democratize classical music by creating a space where the audience and the musicians meet;
• Ultimately to turn the event into a must on the Quebec cultural and touristic circuits.


Over the years, Angèle Dubeau and the organizers have adopted a series of innovative programs to renew people’s interest through a wide array of musical activities. All forms of experimentation are good, as long as they fulfill this basic requirement: sharing the love for music. The programs presented at the festival revealed to what extent the organizers’ work is oriented towards a greater sense of innovation, where the great classics meet current musical expressions.


The best part of Music in the Mountain is that it is providing our musicians with an opportunity to give high-level performances within the context of a major event. In doing so, the festival is proud to exclusively showcase Canadian musicians, thereby enhancing their presence on the artistic scene. Year after year, the quality standard of the performances that is offered at Music in the Mountain is continually growing. The event’s growing popularity has also gained momentum and the public’s warm reaction has in turn transformed the festival into an enriching experience for the artists who take part in it.