Paulo Ramos and his guests, notably Bïa, Annick Brémault and Rommel Ribeiro, present a colorful and warm Brazilian show. With the participation of Sacha Oud, Daniel Bellegarde, Dan Gigon, John Sadowi, Rodrigo Simoes. On the menu: samba, derived from African rhythms circulating from the alleys of Salvador to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, has become the most popular music in Brazil. On a wave of irresistible melancholy, samba brings hope and transmits joy, that of dancing freely in the sun or in the moonlight. And bossa nova, born on the beaches and in the lounges of Rio, is a more suave style of samba. It has enchanted the entire planet with its melodies and sophisticated harmonies. For this evening, all the warmth of the Brazilian sun will be present, with charm and indolence, in the joyful flight of the percussions. From samba to bossa, festive tunes will gently insinuate themselves into the body and the heart like so many calls to happiness.


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